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Thank you for being a part of the Hair We Share mission to help maintain the dignity, confidence and self- esteem to those affected by medical hair loss. We use your locks to make  beautiful custom wigs and give them free of charge to kids and adults. We are only able to do this thanks to hair donations combined with financial contributions. When you join our ponytail tracking program, we show you the wig we made from your hair.

We never sell hair or wigs.

Donating during covid 19


Save your hair. Share the Love. 

We are getting a lot of people asking if we are taking donations during the Covid19 crisis. You can still send your hair in at this time. However, because we are currently unable to manufacture wigs we ask that you join our “Save your hair. Share the love.” program.

We are lowering our minimum hair length requirement for this program only!

Please join us!

Group Ponytail Drive

If you are planning a group ponytail event, please follow the instructions on this page for cutting hair. Please refer to our Group Donation page for our guidelines.


Hair We Accept

  • Minimum length of 12″
  • Hair cannot be highlighted or bleached but can be dyed (natural colors only).
  • Gray hair.

Hair We Do Not Accept

  • Hair that has been treated with bleach – or lightened.

  • Hair that is not a natural color.

  • Hair that is sent to us wet.

  • Hair that is not packaged in a sealed plastic bag

Correct way to cut hair

How to Collect Hair

  • Hair must be clean and completely dry.
  • Hair should be secured and cut in several small ponytails rather than one big one, this helps us get the most usable hair. It is ok if your hair was already cut in one large ponytail, we will still use it.
  • Please do not braid hair. If your hair was already braided and cut, please leave it in the braid and let us know if it is curly. 
  • Curly and wavy hair should be kept in its natural pattern and not blown straight.
  • Cut hair 1” above bands (the one inch above the  band is included in the length of donation).
  • Secure small ponytails together at the top with a rubber band or ribbon.
  • Place and seal in a plastic bag, label bag with your name and contact information.

How to Send Hair

  • Before sending please submit the online donation form (right)
  • To prevent damage please do not use a paper envelope, please use a padded envelope.
  • Submit an online donation form
  • Mail to:

Hair We Share

4 Expressway Plaza Suite

LL14 Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

  • If you are joining our Ponytail Tracking with a minimum contribution of $125.00 Please address:
  • We will match your hair to your online donation form when we receive it and send confirmation in about one month.



Fill out before mailing your ponytail donation.

Join our ponytail tracking program

Ensure your hair is used

Your ponytail donation is much appreciated. Hair donations are a small part of how we are able to operate. It is not possible for Hair We Share to continue without financial contributions.  The only way Hair We Share is able to offer free wigs is through your generous contributions. A minimum donation of $25.00 with each ponytail is vital to our existence and insures our sustainability. A donation of $125.00 fully sponsors your hair donation and enters you into our Ponytail Tracking Program. Donations over $125.00 helps you pay it forward to adopt one of the many ponytails we receive with out funding.



show your support

Visit the Hair We Share Merch Shop

We provides beautiful real hair wigs.100% of profits from purchases on this website will help to support the Hair We Share mission.

Join our Ponytail Tracking Program

We keep your ponytail on hold for 2 weeks after we receive it, after 2 weeks it goes into our inventory to make wigs and is no longer available for the tracking program.

When you join our Ponytail Tracking Program, within 6 months of receiving your hair we will send you a photo of your hair in a wig. Although it is not likely, whenever possible we will provide a photograph of the recipient of the wig. Please know that most patients prefer to remain anonymous due to difficulties they face during fragile times in their lives. Our first priority is to the well being of our recipients.

A financial contribution of $125.00 when donating your ponytail will insure that you receive communication regarding the use of your hair. This donation can be made through our website, by check or through a crowdfunding campaign

When you raise additional money through a crowdfunding campaign we will pay it forward to the many ponytails we receive that are not sponsored.

Track your pony tail
tracking your pony tail

Salon Partners

Click the button bellow to see a map with the certified locations by Hair We Share to properly cut your ponytail so that we receive the most usable hair.

If you do not see a salon listed in your area you can use any salon, please bring them the instructions (above) for cutting.

If you are a salon owner and would like to become part of Hair We Share, contact us directly at