Group Donation

When you work together, your reach is greater

Please be aware Hair We Share can not currently accept ponytail donations from groups of 10 or more without financial contributions.

Planning Your Donation Day – *most business are more than willing to donate their goods and services to for a good cause, and it is a great way for them to promote their brand.

Step 1

Find a location to host your event and connect with a hair salon or beauty school for cutting hair. Only use licensed hair stylists for cutting hair.

Step 2

Create a fundraising page for your group through our  Crowd Funding Page. Have your ponytail donors create “Branch Campaigns”.  For help contact


Step 3

Gather your planning committee and volunteers.


Step 4

Download our customizable Hair We Share Donation Day flyer and banner. We ask that you only use advertising that is approved by Hair We Share. Please do not alter our logo in any way. If you would like to use your own advertising design please contact us for our full style guide.


Step 5

Get the word out. Contact local news. Connect with us on social media and create a buzz.


Step 6

Download the form from Step 4 and email it to for your event to be added in our Events Calendar page.

Please click here to see guidelines for hair donations and cutting hair. Please be sure each donation is individually wrappd in a seperate zip loc bag with ponytail donation form.

Fundraising Ideas During Your Event

Contact local business for raffle prizes

Contact local restaurants to serve refreshments.

Plan a bake sale

Plan a car wash

Include a flea market

ask local companies to come and sell their goods, charge a fee or ask them to donate a percentage of their sales