About Us

We are the team behind hair we share.


Hair loss is a life changing experience. At Hair We Share, our goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of those suffering hair loss due to medical conditions. Hair We Share relies solely on donations, in the form of real-hair ponytails and monetary contributions. With these donations we provide quality hair solutions at no cost to many men, women and children throughout the USA. Hair We Share is committed to changing lives.

Hair We Share was formed in 2014 and is supported by over 40 years of experience in custom design for wigs and hair pieces. We are extremely proud to say that Hair We Share is rapidly making a mark in the medical related hair loss communities, improving lives and restoring the confidence of men, women & children throughout the USA.


Suzanne Chimera

Suzanne Chimera

Co Founder

Suzanne became a Cosmetologist upon high school graduation in 1990, completed an associate degree in Marketing from Nassau Community College in 1993, and Massage Therapy at the New York School for Holistic Health in 1996. She began working at Manny Roberts Hair Replacement in 1994, where she continues to maintain and grow a healthy client base. Since 2006, Suzanne travels to cosmetology classrooms to lecture on the devastating effects hair loss can have on a person.

Dean Riskin

Co Founder

CEO and second generation owner of Manny Roberts Hair Replacement, Dean has been in the hair replacement business his entire life. Dean has grown the family business and transitioned it into the modern age continuously staying on top of trends since completing Ultissima Beauty School in 1983. Dean continues to maintain clients that started with his father in 1972. Dean prides his success with the simple concept of treating everybody like family, and he enjoys his participation in the milestones of his client’s lives.

After years of servicing clients with all types of hair loss including alopecia, chemotherapy, head trauma, and dog attack to name a few, Dean has grown an emotional connection to his clients, and felt it was time to give back. Dean is the backbone of Hair We Share, providing for the facilities and all necessary resources, insuring a healthy start with no overhead.


Karen Vito

Karen Vito

Having started in the beauty industry at the age of 21, I have a true understanding of the field. I’ve worked with health & wellness companies, plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, medical spa and several hi-end salons over the last 30 years.

With my vast knowledge in all things beauty, I, along with a business partner Regina Galli, created a lifestyle internet television show called Shake it Up with Karen & Regina. Since 2014, we have hosted amazing guests whose expertise is in the areas of Style, Health, Attitude, Kindness & Entertainment.

I volunteer my time with many worth organizations such as the American Heart Association, Family Service League, the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund and several other worthy not-for profit organizations. I believe if all of us gave a little time, money or effort into helping those in need, the world we live in would be a much better place.

Fast forward to today, to my passion, I had joined a global health & wellness company in 2013 whose mission is to impact world health and free people from physical & financial pain and in the process create the largest health & wellness company in the world. Since then, I have successfully assisted hundreds of people by coaching them through one of our amazing wellness solutions which include weight loss, energy, athletic performance, healthy aging and wealth creation.

One could say I promote beauty, both INSIDE & OUT!


JoMarie Anderson

JoMarie is a cosmetology instructor at Wilson Technological Center. She holds licenses in esthetics and cosmetology as well as an associate’s degree in Career and Technical Education.  She completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology and continues her pedagogy with yearly educational workshops. With more than 30 years of experience as a stylist/colorist, she continues working in the industry and has completed a master’s degree in administration. JoMarie was appointed to represent Long Island Cosmetology Career and Technical Programs on the New York State CTE Assessment Committee, traveling to Albany several times a year to work with her upstate cohorts. Her combination of work and teaching experience make the perfect background for training aspiring cosmetologists. Working in the industry her entire life, JoMarie has developed a compassion for working with clients who have experienced medical hair loss.  Jo Marie’s lifelong passion to help these clients aligned precisely with the mission of “Hair We Share” and she is delighted and honored to be a part of an organization committed to such a wonderful cause.

Natasha Stojanovic

Natasha attended The School of Visual Art in NYC and graduated in 1993 with a BFA in Illustration. In 1995 she became interested in computers and graphic design and began learning about both through work and various courses. Now working as a Graphic Designer for over 20 years she specializes in Packaging and Brand Identity, and dabbles with Web Design. Natasha has worked for companies such as Barnes & Noble, Outsourcing Solutions and Lifetime Brands.

Natasha has been turning her creative hobbies of crochet and jewelry-making into a seasonal side business. You can see some of her creations on her Facebook page WarmAndBaubley1 and in her Etsy store Warm And Baubley.

In 2015, Natasha donated over 9 inches of her hair to Hair We Share and since then has also been their Creative Advisor. She is helping them grow the Hair We Share brand through marketing materials and fundraising.


Maria Duchin

Maria Duchin

Maria Duchin is a life skills educator with fifteen years of experience teaching a variety of topics including cooking, sewing, childcare, personal and career development, and financial literacy. As a financial advisor for the past five years, her expertise is in non-profit and public sector retirement solutions as well as Social Security strategy. An avid networker and connector, Maria is dedicated to helping others. She enjoys event planning and thrives in the chaos of running events. Originally a “Jersey Girl”, she has lived in Central Suffolk County since 2008 and is a proud wife and dog mom who loves to travel, cook, bake, and entertain.

Barry Paley

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