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To help maintain dignity, confidence, and self-esteem to those affected by medical hair loss. We provide beautiful human hair wigs, made from donated hair free of charge to people who struggle with medical hair loss.

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Who We Are

Hair We Share is based in Long Island, New York. With over 50 years experience, we are a second generation, family owned custom wig design business. We founded Hair We Share in 2014, after years of working with all types of hair loss including chemotherapy, alopecia, head trauma, accident and burn victims. The wigs we provide can have a retail value of up to $3,000.00.
We started with one teenage girl named Brooke who was severely depressed because of her hair loss. Brooke’s mom called us after Brooke’s face lit up for the first time in years, upon seeing a wig we designed on 20/20. We knew the cost of the wig would be a burden on Brooke’s young family, so we put a post on Facebook asking people to send us their hair and decrease the cost of the wig. Within one week of the post 42 people chopped off their hair and sent it to us. As people sent their hair we found we had created a sense of community for the hair donors and for Brooke. We created our Ponytail Tracking program to help cover our expenses and keep this community growing.

Who We Help

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Kailey is confident with her alopecia but wanted a new look before starting junior high school, her wig is made from her mother’s hair.

Kaylee with a wig from Hair We Share


“Thank you for allowing me to teach my daughter the true gift of giving. What you do is absolutely amazing and am honored that Kaylee’s beautiful hair could be donated to Hair we Share.”

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“I can’t even begin to express how happy Hair We Share has made me! I no longer dread putting a wig on every day now that I finally have a good quality hair piece!”

Nicole showing her new wig

Nicole Weaver

“Talk about HAPPY TEARS! Hair We Share, can I please just take a moment and THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I have had wigs…. EXPENSIVE ONES that just drove me nuts! Hint on why I always went bald! They itch and never fit right. This wig is AMAZING.”

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Visit the Hair We Share Merch Shop for clothing and accessories to commemorate your hair donation and show your support. 100% of profits will help to grow our mission to help maintain dignity, confidence and self-esteem to those affected by medical hair loss.

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Brook with wig from Hair We Share

How We Help

We provide customized, human hair wigs free of charge to anyone whose financial means doesn’t allow them to purchase one.

Cancer patients are confronted by many challenges, including facing possible death, pain, and loss of income. And for those patients who undergo chemo, they are hit with the devastation of complete hair loss.

When a cancer patient – or anyone suffering from medically induced hair loss – receives an attractive and appropriate wig, it improves their outlook and wherewithal to handle their medical and life situations.
We provide suitable wigs to children and teens who’s suffering from cancer and other medical causes of hair loss are profound.

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