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(Monetary funding is essential for the creation of each wig. While a monetary donation is not required for making a hair donation, it ensures the quick turnaround and presentation of the wig to the recipient.)

Track your ponytail

When you sponsor your ponytail by starting an online crowdfunding campaign that raises $125.00 or more or you sponsor your ponytail with a donation of $125.00 or more (additional funds will be used to sponsor the many ponytails we receive that go unsponsored), we will track your ponytail donation.

When we track your ponytail, it is up to the recipient of the wig on how much information we provide to you. Some recipients will allow us to post their photo on social media and some choose to remain private; we must respect these decisions. When a recipient chooses to remain private, we will post a photo of the wig on our social media and let you know a little bit about the person who received it. Please be sure to provide us with an email address so that we can inform you when the wig is ready as it can take us up to one year to make the wig.