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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Hair We Share Salon partner!

The Hair We Share Mission is to help to maintain dignity, confidence, and self-esteem to those affected by medical hair loss.

We know as salon professionals you understand the importance of our mission. We rely on professionals like you, to help advance our mission by collecting the most usable hair and helping to spread the word so that we can help as many people as possible.

Our system is different than other organizations. Please familiarize yourself with our hair donation process before agreeing to become a Hair We Share salon partner:

Evaluating the hair
  • Our minimum donation length is 12″. When we make a wig, the hair has to be folded to be sewn. We lose at least 4″ of length  (a 12″ donation will make a 6″ wig). We are accepting 8″ but only when joining our ponytail tracking program.
  • Please trim away split, dry, and, and damaged hair.
  • We can not accept hair that has been bleached. It will not withstand the sewing process and if it does withstand the process, it is likely it will begin to shed from the wig while being worn. This can be very traumatic to the recipient.
  • We do accept grey, white, and hair with grey mixed in.
  • We do accept hair that is color treated (single process 20 volume peroxide) as long as it is a natural hair color (no purple, green or blue etc.).


Collecting the hair
  • Hair should be clean and dry.
  • Section the hair into as many sections as possible. This gives us the most length. (4-6 ponytails is great, more is better!)
  • Make sure the bands are secure to prevent the hair from slipping out. It is important the hair stays in the direction it grows, to prevent tangling.
  • Cut 1″ above the bands.


Packaging the hair
  • Please package each individual donation in a sealed ziploc bag. This is very important for several reasons for sanitary reasons.
  • Our mail room is overloaded and moves very quickly. After leaving the mail room the hair goes for sorting. Hair is sorted by color, length, and texture. If we receive hair that is not separated it increases the work time of our already overextended volunteers. *We can not accept hair that is loose in an envelope or box!
  • Label the bag with the donors name and email address (we need to be able to thank them).
  • Ask the donor to submit the Ponytail Donation form found on the Donate Hair page of our website. (We will send you cards to give the donor with these instructions).

Sending the hair – our mail room is constantly overwhelmed, following these instructions help us to run more efficiently

  • We prefer that you let the donor send the hair on their own.
  • If you would like to offer the service of sending the hair for the donors please be sure the ponytails are packaged as above. Please send in a timely manner (within one week of cutting).


The impact we make

Hair We Share provides wigs free of charge to children under the age of 18 and to adults who are in need of financial assistance. We are proud to say that we are the only organization to provide wigs for any type of medical hair loss.

Helping us help others

Our wigs are manufactured using the highest quality materials and the best workmanship in the industry. These wigs have an average retail value of $3,600. While our expenses are very low, we are volunteer operated, we do pay a factory to produce wigs. Fundraising is essential to our survival!


We rely on monetary donations to cover wig factory expenses. There are several ways you can help.
  • Help the donors to understand the process, and that hair alone can not make wigs.
  • Let the donor know about our ponytail tracking program.
  • Host a fundraiser in your salon!

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