“Talk about HAPPY TEARS! Hair We Share, can I please just take a moment and THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I have had wigs…. EXPENSIVE ONES that just drove me nuts! Hint on why I always went bald! They itch and never fit right. This wig is AMAZING. It not only holds hair of people that are super special to me but it’s so comfortable and fits me JUST RIGHT. I can’t tell you the last time I have taken a mirror selfie I told my husband tonight I get like I could conquer the world. It makes me feel beautiful Yes, I boo hooed when I put it on and it’s still just unbelievable how it feels. I didn’t want to take it off tonight! I didn’t have to pay a dime for this beautiful piece that brings me so much joy. Suzanne Chimera and Hair We Share, you have changed my life️ Seriously , thank you. Thank you!!!!! If you donate to non profit organizations please put Hair We Share on your list! My mind is forever changed on how I feel about wigs now! Until we meet one day… XOXO!!!

Words will never be enough to tell you how much you have changed my life. I may have only wore this wig for one night so far but believe me when I tell you, it was the first time I have felt “normal” or “beautiful” in a long time. There was a moment when I forgot I didn’t have any hair. That is so powerful! Hair we Share is one of the most selfless, giving and loving organizations I’ve ever heard of! The hands that made my wig are loving and so wonderful! I have seen the hard work it takes to make one of these beautiful pieces and it’s so amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am SO EXCITED to maybe have the opportunity to try more wigs from you! I can’t say THANK YOU ENOUGH! I will someday make it to New York and you will be one of my first stops! I can’t wait to hug y’all! Thank you!!!!”

Eleanor Kelley’s campaign for Hair We Share

Welcome to my Campaign Page! https://rootfunding.com/campaigns/7117

It is an honor to have this privilege. I’ve wanted do this for a long time. the main idea of Hair We Share is to help kids of all genders and all ages (even grown-ups) all around the country who have had hair loss in life. There are many different ways to help this cause. For example, you could go online to donate hair to hair we share or make a contribution! I’m so glad that hair we share came to be!

I am going to donate 10 inches of hair to hair we share (you can donate about 8 inches of hair or more) and I even convinced my mama to do the same! So we are politely asking you to please help us raise $1,000 to help us sponsor one wig to help us make a child’s hair come back to life!

Thank you!

Eleanor K.eanor K.

Sarina Strong!

Karen Alatis Vito August 3, 2017

I am honored and grateful to have been asked to join on the board of Hair We Share by Dean Riskin & Suzanne Chimera. Although I’ve know Suzanne for many years through the networking circuit, I just recently met Dean because of my circumstances. Dean & Suzanne have been running this not-for-profit for many years. I have worked in the hair industry my whole life and never really understood what it would do for me on a personal note like I unfortunately understand today. In week one of Sarina’s diagnosis, Suzanne understood all too well what we would be going through and immediately reached out to me and offered to make Sarina a custom wig by using her own hair when she lost hers. Crying and elated, it was one less thing my daughter had to worry about. Since then, so many people I know have sent in ponytails, for sarina and others like her. My mission in joining this board is to help them raise the money they need to turn these ponytails into gorgeous wigs for other children to be able to feel beautiful during this difficult time. It takes $125 to process every single pony tail Hair We Share receives. The retail costs of wigs of this quality would range anywhere from $3000-$4000 each. Hair We Share provides these high quality wigs for free to those in need. Their out of pocket cost is over $700 for each wig they provide to children like Sarina. Please help me allow them to continue their work in helping those struggling with cancer and other illnesses by reaching into your heart (and pockets), making a donation.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and for your continued support of my daughter and my family while we fight the big fight!

Kristen Lendi story

Kristen Lendi’s campaign for Hair We Share

If you have known me for the past 15 years or so, you know that donating my hair is something that is very important to me. When I was in high school, I decided that I would donate my hair as many times as I could. I am proud to say that this is my 4th donation.In the years past, I sent my hair to whichever charity my salon send to, but this year I did some research and found this wonderful organization Hair We Share. Along with the donation of hair that I sent in, I am trying to raise money, so that I can completely donate a wig 100%. The hair and the fundraiser would give the product, the creation and gifting of a wig to a kid in need. This puts my whole passion for donating hair in motion.Anything you can give will be sincerely appreciated. It would really, genuinely mean the world to me.Thank you so much for supporting me in such a wonderful cause.