Join The Hair We Share Ponytail Tracking Program

Donation of your hair to this valuable cause is much appreciated. Many people would like to see the results of their donation. For this reason, the PONYTAIL TRACKING PROGRAM has been instituted.

Hair We Share Recipients

Hair We Share provides wigs free of charge to children under the age of 18 and to adults with financial hardship. The majority of the wigs are offered to those afflicted with cancer and those suffering with the auto immune disease, Alopecia. Others are provided to accident, burn, or head trauma victims or to those faced with medical-related hair loss.

How To Join The Program

A financial contribution of $125.00 when donating your ponytail will insure that you receive communication regarding the use of your hair. This donation can be made through our website, by check, or through an on-line fundraiser.

How The Program Works

Within one week of receipt of your ponytail accompanied by your donation, you will be contacted by a confirmation e-mail. When the wig is complete, (often taking up to four months) we will advise you. Whenever possible, we will provide you with a photograph of the receiver of the wig. Please know that some patients prefer to be anonymous due to the difficulties they face during this fragile time in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum length of hair I can donate?

The minimum length is 8 inches. The longer, the better!

Can I donate highlighted hair?

No. Even though the hair may be healthy, the quality is compromised and cannot be used in the wig.

Can I donate dyed hair?

Yes. Single processed dye is fine.

I have gray hair. Can I still donate?


My hair is curly. Can I donate?

Please do! Please leave curls intact when sending.

How do I send my hair?

Mailing is very important. Be sure to use a padded envelope with the zip loc bag inside.

I only want my hair to go to a kid with cancer; can you guarantee this?

No. Sorry. Anyone who qualifies for a free wig may receive your hair if it is a match.

I would like to join the Track Your Ponytail Program but would like to contribute more than $125.00. Where will the additional funds go?

That’s very generous! The additional funds will help to sponsor other ponytails.

I donated to an on-line fundraiser and it exceeded the goal. What happens to the additional funds?

The additional funds will help to sponsor other ponytails.

How do I cut my hair?

Hair We Share is building a network of trusted salons aware of the process for cutting donated hair. (see Hair We Share website). Please visit any salon and provide the stylist with the following instructions:

1. Hair must be clean and dry.
2. Do not braid the hair
3. If hair is curly, please leave curls intact.
4. Section the hair into several long ponytails and secure tightly with rubber bands.
5. Cut ONE inch above the rubber bands, the hair needs to stay secured from top to bottom.
6. Place hair in a zip loc bag keeping it in the direction it grows (top to bottom).