How We Use Financial Donations

The craftsmanship is the key to the most natural looking wig. At Hair We Share we hire the best artists in the industry to create our wigs. The only way to get this quality is to hand sew hairs one at a time. Each hair is placed in a natural growth pattern. If you notice most wigs are made with heavy bangs, the reason for this is they are sewn by machine and the bangs are necessary to cover up the machine made workmanship. This is why it takes a minimum of eight weeks to craft our wigs. We are currently working to raise the funds (and hair) to make wigs that are semi custom and can easily be altered to fit any recipient, and be delivered to them within a few days.

How You Can Help….

Requirements For Donating Hair

  • Length must be 8” or more – when determining hair length, please consider that we will trim away damaged ends.
  • Hair cannot be highlighted – dye is ok
  • Secure hair in several small ponytails with rubber bands and cut hair 1” above rubber bands. Please do not braid hair.
  • Before sending, please be sure hair is completely dry and sealed in a zip loc bag

Create a fundraiser to make your hair into a wig.

Creating a fundraiser will help Hair We Share meet our goals to make quality customized wigs for recipients, which are provided free of charge; and help us create an assortment of attractive wigs in many different colors, designs, sizes and styles which are readily available to those in need.

Send Hair Donations To:
Hair We Share
4 Expressway Plaza Suite LL14
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

The Process of Making a Wig

Please fill out the form below to donate your ponytail

PLEASE NOTE: Please do not send hair in braids. Hair must be dry and sealed in a zip loc bag

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Click Here To Make a Money Donation With Your Hair Donation.
(Monetary funding is essential for the creation of each wig. While a money donation is not required for making a hair donation, it ensures the quick turnaround and presentation of the wig to the recipient.)

Track your ponytail – When you sponsor your ponytail by starting an online crowdfunding campaign that raises $125.00 or more or you sponsor your ponytail with a donation of $125.00 or more (additional funds will be used to sponsor the many ponytails we receive that go unsponsored), we will track your ponytail donation.

When we track your ponytail, it is up to the recipient of the wig on how much information we provide to you. Some recipients will allow us to post their photo on social media and some choose to remain private; we must respect these decisions. When a recipient chooses to remain private, we will post a photo of the wig on our social media and let you know a little bit about the person who received it. Please be sure to provide us with an email address so that we can inform you when the wig is ready as it can take us up to one year to make the wig.

Donation Locations

These locations are certified by Hair We Share to properly cut your ponytail so that we receive the most usable hair.

If you do not see a salon listed in your area and have a favorite salon you use, please ask them if they would like to join our cause and become a donation location.

If you are a salon owner and would like to become part of Hair We Share, contact us directly at