I Made the Cut for Catherine

Custom made wig for Catherine

hairweshare February 1, 2017 at 7:27 pm
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Project Description

Hair We Share is making a custom made wig for Catherine who has alopecia. This fundraiser is to sponsor the hair being used to make the wig. Catherine has alopecia, because her head is small most readily available wigs will not fit her properly.

The people who “Made the Cut” for Catherine

Bryanna – handmade a card with a coloring page inside.

Lisa is due to have her first child soon – its a girl!

Melanie gave Catherine the perfect silky texture

Thanks to Ashley we can give Catherine the long hair she requested.

Other donations came from a donor from Port Washington NY and a 3 year old from AL (photos not available)

Help us with a small donation or by sharing this fundraiser, every little bit helps!

Know where your donation dollars go

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